Meet the Team

Emerson Swan – CEO

Emerson guides Cygnusoft with 30 years of experience consulting and building businesses in Silicon Valley.  With an engineering degree from Stanford University (B.S.E.E. 1983), Emerson has expertise at all levels of the technology business world, from the design station to the board room.  His dedication to quality, integrity, and people, mean Cygnusoft has never strayed from the core principles of fin service.

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Edward Viera, Director of Business Development

Ed has a 30 year history of building successful ventures in Silicon Valley, and consulting to Fortune100 corporations around the world.  His understanding of technology and the intricacies of "the modern business deal" make Ed a dynamo of commercial progress.  Wherever Ed goes, jobs are created.  We like Ed.

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Trajan Unger - Director of Technology Development

When it comes to getting two new things to work together well, Trajan is the person you want to call.  Whether it's two programs that need to exchange information, or two departments that need to share ideas, once Trajan starts working with them, they start talking.  We don't know how he does it.  It just works.

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Mike Gurevich - Resident Stray Cat and Operations Manager

Mike comes to us from another world, one with clearer vision and better scenery than our own.  Most machines, including computers, work better there. And Mike does his best to bring a bit of that world into our projects at Cygnusoft.  When you are working with Mike, you will spend a lot of time saying, "I hadn't thought of that.  I like it."

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Located in the Heart of Silicon Valley, Cygnusoft was founded by Emerson Swan and Ed Viera in 1989. Since then Emerson and Ed have gathered together a dedicated team that share their passions for technology and customer service.

With almost 20 years of experience in Software Design and Systems Integration, an extensive products list, and a track record of bringing ideas to market, Cygnusoft is in a unique position to unlock the powers of technology in a variety of ways for a variety of organizations.

Cygnusoft is a technology company that is dedicated to pursuing the complete success of its customers.

Our Goal

We strive to be the best technology service company in the world.  We value long-term relationships, providing real value at low cost to our customers.  Cygnusoft brings the right blend of leading-edge technology and old-school people and project skills, to ensure every project is completed to your satisfaction.  Whether you need help finding the right tools to manage your office, or custom enterprise systems to manage your global business, Cygnusoft will build what you need with a smile, satisfaction guaranteed.